Angela Miles

Angela Miles is a feminist activist, theorist, and academic. She is a Professor in the Adult Education and Community Development Program, Co-founder of the International Women's Human Rights Education Institute, and Head of the Centre for Women's Studies in Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.    She is an editorial Board member of Canadian Woman Studies Journal; founding member of the Toronto Women for a Just and Healthy Planet group, The Feminist Party of Canada, The Antigonish Women's Association and the International Feminist Network for a Gift Economy.

She is committed to building and studying autonomous women's local and global activism and understanding its genesis and significance in the current period of neo-liberal globalization.

Her publications include, Integrative Feminisms: Building Global Visions, (1996) and edited collections Feminism: From Pressure to Politics, (1989), Feminist Politics, Activism and Vision: Local and Global Challenges (2004), Women in a Globalizing World: Equality, Development, Peace and Diversity (2013).