Paper by Beata Kowalska and Marta Warat in Societas/Communitas

The paper "On Gender Equality in Polish Democracy" by Beata Kowalska and Marta Warat was published in the specal issue of the Societas/Communitas journal, dedicated to th memory of Maria Ossowska, a famous Polish sociologist.


Issue 2(22)/2016 - Morality, Law and Ethos. Maria Ossowska (1896-1974) - In Memoriam



Maria Ossowska was a feminist and democrat. In her opinion, democracy meant equality of rights. Prejudice towards women not only prevented the development of democratic society, but was also a fundamental intellectual error. Her scholarly contribution in the field of democracy was complemented by engagement in public issues. How is this idea of equality – especially “being privileged or underprivileged” on the grounds of gender – implemented in contemporary, democratic Poland?

Published Date: 16.10.2017
Published by: Anna Ratecka