"Gender Equality and Quality of Life" Session at Quality of Life: A Challange for Social Policy Conference in Bucharest

During the conference Quality of Life: A Challange for Social Policy, which is held in Bucharest (Romania) members of GEQ prject will chair a session titled "Gender Equality and Quality of Life".

The session is scheduled as follows:

  • Ewa Krzaklewska, Marta Warat - Gender equality and quality of life: individual perspectives, experiences and projects
  • Hsiu-hua Shen - Transnational Family and Gendered Quality of Life
  • Elena Zamfir - Towards a new paradigm in gender equality. From feminist propaganda to gender mainstreaming policies
  • Georgiana Virginia Bonea - Violence in the couple relationship: the features characteristics of the domestic aggressor.
  • Ewelina Ciaputa - Gender equality, reproductive rights and quality of life in Poland.
  • Bianca Buligescu, Lex Borghans, Didier Fouarge - Occupational segregation and gender pay gap in the European Union.
Full programme of the conference is available here: https://sites.google.com/site/riqlconference2015/program
Published Date: 21.04.2015
Published by: Ewelina Ciaputa