GEQ Seminar in Oslo (17-19 June 2015)

GEQ project team on 17-19 June 2015, met in Oslo to discuss the project's upcoming tasks and to present the preliminary results of focus group interviews.

The seminar was attended by prof. Oystein Holter, Dr. Trine Korsvik, Ewelina Ciaputa, Ewa Krzaklewska, Alekandra Migalska, Dr. Marta Warat, Dr. Barbara Woźniak and Dr. Piotr Brzyski. During the first day of the seminar the research team discussed the main results of qualitative data analysis (focus group interviews and media analysis) and discussed upcoming tasks and events. Second day was mainly focused on the debate concerning dissertation project of Aleksandra Migalski and division of work as well as brought discussion on plan of survey results.

Published Date: 22.06.2015
Published by: Ewelina Ciaputa