Barbara Limanowska

An expert on women's rights and gender mainstreaming, particularly in the East European region. In the years 1997-2001 she was the Director of the National Women's Information Center in Warsaw. She worked as an expert on anti-trafficking for the UN Office of the High Commissionaire for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Bosnia Herzegovina and as a special adviser to several UN and international agencies, including UNICEF, OSCE and UNDP. Under the framework of the SEE RIGHTs project – a joint initiative of OHCHR, UNICEF and OSCE-ODHIR – Barbara has produced three reports on trafficking in human beings, focusing on the rights of the victims of trafficking, responses to human trafficking as well as preventive measures.

In the years 2006-2007 she worked as the Regional Gender Adviser at the Regional UNDP Office in Bratislava where she was responsible for gender equality programmes and for the development of gender mainstreaming strategy of the UNDP regional office.

Since 2010 Barbara works as the Senior Gender Mainstreaming Expert at the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) were she is in charge of the gender mainstreaming programme designed to support the staff of the EU institutions and EU28 governmental bodies with the integration of a gender perspective in their work.