Sławomira Walczewska

PhD, feminist activist and philosopher. She was teaching history of philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (1985-1990) and history of feminist ideas at postgraduate Gender Studies in Warsaw (1996) and Cracow (2000). In 1991 she co-founded the eFKa- Women's Foundation, one of the first few feminist organisations in post-socialist Poland. She edited the feminist magazine "Pełnym Głosem" (In Full Voice, 1993-1997) and, since 1999, is member of the editorial board of "Zadra", the only Polish feminist quarterly. In 1999, Walczewska published "Damy, rycerze i feministki. Kobiecy dyskurs emancypacyjny w Polsce" (Ladies, Knights and Feminists. Feminist Discourse in Poland). The book was nominated, as one of 20 books, to the most prestigous book award in Poland, NIKE, in 2000. She is author of ca. 50 articles about feminism and history of the women's movement. She was awarded by the Foundation Aufmüpfige Frauen in 2008. She is editor and co-author of a book "Feministki. Własnym głosem o sobie" (Feminists. In their Own Voice about Ourselves).